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Personalized Teacher Support
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Co-planning gives those involved the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of a lesson or unit. That collaboration allows for learning experiences to be reimagined and made more impactful, while giving Jud the ability to provide support as a learning designer. Whether the co-planning session leads to a modeling or co-teaching experience, or it is a standalone activity, Jud is there to support the teacher (or even small group of teachers) with developing active learning experiences for students while implementing the appropriate technology tool. 

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Seeing or experiencing something as it happens is a powerful learning strategy. When teachers are asked to implement strategies they are not familiar with, it can be frustrating because they may not have had the chance to see or experience these strategies firsthand. This is why modeling is such an important element of Jud's role.


Modeling can happen in a few different places:

  • professional learning sessions

  • within the classroom alongside students

  • lesson design

  • digital citizenship 

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Co-teaching is a partnership between Jud and the teacher, where each of these individuals takes responsibility for implementing the planned lesson. This is not simply providing "tech support" to students while they try new technology. Jud will support instruction through the same methods the classroom teacher would implement. 

For example, a planned lesson may incorporate blended learning through the use of stations. With a co-teacher, this could become even more effective as one individual could provide students with a small group lesson while the other facilitates student exploration of a topic in another station. 

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